West Virginia Fire Commission

Have you ever thought about doing a Community Risk Reduction (CRR) program for your community?
Community risk reduction is not a new concept for the fire service. Fire departments have been actively involved in fire prevention for many years through public education, building inspections and other activities. Although there is no specific blueprint for developing CRR programs, there are some common and essential steps. Ultimately, the CRR plan will be unique to each fire department or organization, based on the types of risks for that specific community.
Many organizations use a six-step approach towards developing a CRR program:
Step 1: Identify Community Risks
Step 2: Prioritize Community Risks
Step 3: Develop Strategies & Tactics to Mitigate Risks
Step 4: Prepare the CRR Plan
Step 5: Implement the CRR Plan
Step 6: Monitor, Evaluate, and Modify the CRR Plan