Alameda County, CA

The County Administrator’s Office Risk Management Unit provides comprehensive, proactive services that promote the health, wellness, and safety of employees; reduce the County’s loss exposure; and minimize the total cost of risk to the County. Our mission is carried out through programs covering Workers’ Compensation, property and liability claims administration, employee health and wellness services, safety and loss control, and the purchase of insurance and management of the self insurance program. As an internal service fund, we collaborate closely with other General Government departments to deliver programs to the County in the most cost-effective manner.

Risk Management receives over 100 requests per year to review insurance requirements or indemnification agreements in contracts. In addition, Risk Management provides certificates of self-insurance for services that the County provides to other parties. These efforts ensure that the County is financially protected from losses related to its activities and the activities of its contractors.

Risk Management provides internal consulting on insurance for County construction contracts and capital improvement projects.

Under the authority of the Board of Supervisors, Risk Management determines the eligibility of CalPERs retirees for service connected disability retirement and represents the County before the ACERA Board in decisions regarding disability retirement applications of covered employees.

The Risk Management Unit employs eleven professional and administrative staff and reports to the Assistant County Administrator.